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Whether it be help in writing essays, understanding admission criteria, or confusions while filling the application - LUMS Counselor AI is there to help!

Message from Shayan - the Trainer 👋

Salam friends, I hope you’ve all been well. Over the last few years, we’ve worked a lot on LUMS admissions and have made 30+ videos on it. During this time, Team Qalam accumulated a lot of content around LUMS and how to successfully tackle admissions.

From multiple university essays, Q&A banks and a host of information which has been key to students’ success. All of that has now been poured into LUMS counselor AI, training it to become the best guide possible.

Be it YouTube videos, essay content, important links, or academic criteria – Counselor AI is trained on it all. We hope you enjoy! 

Shayan Faisal

Trainer LUMS Counselor AI | LUMS'25

Counselor AI ⚡

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Launching this year 🎉

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Germany – Students without German Proficiency

To apply to undergraduate programs in Germany, you will need to submit the following materials: Completed application form Official transcripts from all high school and college coursework German language proficiency […]

Turkiye – Undergraduate

Turkish universities are ranked among the best in the world. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, three Turkish universities are ranked in the top 100: Koç University (ranked […]

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"Aur usska mujhe faida kya hua? Today, I'm at LUMS! 🎉"

Abdul Moeed


What You Can Do With
LUMS Counselor AI

Six different modes that make Counselor AI the
best starting point for your application!

Essay Mode

Write a skeleton essay, a full essay, or get your essay checked

Important Links

Give students links to key YouTube videos and links which are present in the database

General Help Mode

Information about university admissions, application, etc.

Chance Me Mode

Tell the student their chances of getting into university according to their credentials

Application Tips

What part of the application students can focus on after evaluation

Q&A Mode

Access our fantastic FAQ bank, gathered over the last three years

Essay Checking, Skeletons and Writing!

All LUMS AI needs is the context and what type of help you’d like – leave the rest to your assistant!

"I took all my guidance from Qalam Counseling and it was extremely helpful 😁"

Hashir Javaid


clear up confusions

Be it admission criteria, or just a question you’ve been wondering about – LUMS AI is trained on a massive database to suit all your needs!

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Essay Database - New Feature! 🎉

We received a ton of requests for an essay database, where LUMS’ students successful essays are setup for easy learning ✅! This is something we’ve now included in the base package, and can easily be accessed, along with LUMS Counselor AI. Enjoy! 💖  

Filled Application - New Feature! 🎉

Since there’s a few quirks which are difficult to understand within the LUMS application, we’ve also setup a filled and successful application for your viewing. You can easily access it through any of the plans! 

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"Maine Qalam join kiya tha one month before the application deadline...and I was able to get an admission into LUMS" 👏

Ali Akbar


Have Any Questions?
We have Answers!

Will LUMS AI write complete essays for me?

Absolutely! If you ask it for a full essay, LUMS AI would be more than happy to write your essays with over three years of training content. However, it is important to note that full essays should avoid being copy-pasted from AI - it should serve to help you properly structure your own.

Can LUMS AI help me in filling applications?

Absolutely - LUMS AI is trained on filling the application as well, and is fully versed on the video Qalam has made (which you can find here). However, it is important to note that the "Filled Application" feature refers to an application which has already been filled out, and successfully admitted into LUMS. LUMS AI cannot fill out the application directly for you. It can only guide on what to enter!

What type of content is LUMS AI trained on?

LUMS AI is trained on a plethora of details, ranging from YouTube videos we have made over the years, to essays that have been collected from successfully admitted students, along with a host of content which was used to help students our team was counseling.  You can find the full list of features here.

Does LUMS use AI detection?

While we can't be sure, it definitely is possible. This is something all students must stay wary of. Within our AI, we have specific instructions to make the each essay unique, however, we also have specific guides in place so that our students are able to bypass such issues. This helps secure the admission and protect against risks! ⭐

What about the uniqueness and quality of the essays?

While Qalam cannot assure of any overlaps, LUMS AI is in specific trained to build essays which are both unique and built in accordance with the successful essays in our database.

Can you help with extracurriculars?

Absolutely! The Qalam Extracurricular service is present to help students in gathering activities quickly - with specific categorization and a trained AI to garner co-curriculars in accordance with your choice of major.

It has both online and in-person activities, which allows students to pick and choose as they like.

In addition, we stress upon online extracurriculars within it so that activities may be gathered in quicker time.